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Since 1995, Slumberworld have been making quality innerspring mattresses in Warrnambool. Using Australian made materials, there is no need to compromise on quality or comfort.  When you buy from Slumberworld Warrnambool you are supporting Australian made and a local family business.

We make every mattress we sell.  Quality innerspring mattresses for homes, caravans, campers and trucks.  All measured and custom made onsite using quality Australian made materials, specifically to your measurements, same day service available, and free local delivery.

Never pay retail! As we are an independent mattress manufacturer, and we make our mattresses right here in Warrnambool, we can sell direct to you at wholesale prices. No middle man or franchise costs to inflate the price.

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We Offer

-  Made to measure mattresses for homes, caravans, trucks, boats…anywhere you need a mattress.

-  All Slumberworld mattresses are double sided, definitely no pillow tops. A double sided mattress turned every 3 – 6 months will double the life of your mattress.

-  Quality Australian made materials.

-  Fast turnaround, usually within 24 hours.

-  Wholesale prices direct to our customers, no middle man or franchise fees to inflate prices.

-  Free local delivery and set up, and we can even take away your old mattress for a small fee.


All Slumberworld Warrnambool mattresses are double sided, the only way a quality, long lasting mattress should be. Made on site in Warrnambool, using Australian made materials. With over 25 years of experience, we have developed a complete range of double sided mattresses to suit everyone’s individual comfort and budget.

All our mattresses start with a 150mm Bonnell spring.  We then add layers of Dunlop foam, memory foam or latex in various thicknesses and densities to create soft, medium or firm feel mattresses. The Bonnell spring mattress is the most traditional type of innerspring mattress. The Bonnell coil has an hour glass shape (wider at the bottom and the top than the middle) and are interconnected with a mesh of metal to make the spring system.

Double-sided mattresses were once standard. More recently, single sided mattress designs have come to dominate the market. Why are pillow top mattresses so popular? Most manufacturers and retailers will tell you that one-sided mattresses are more comfortable, cheaper and longer lasting. The REAL reasons that mattresses are made one sided are firstly, cheaper and quicker to manufacture. And secondly, repeat business – they don’t last as long so the customer has to replace their mattress quicker.

The main benefit of a double-sided mattress is that it will last twice as long as a single sided mattress. As you can flip and rotate the mattress it will mean that the wear and tear will be evenly distributed. Quite simply, you get better value for money with a longer lasting mattress that retains its comfort over a longer period of time.

Any mattress which is used every day will eventually take the shape of the body.  Once a mattress loses its shape it will no longer support you correctly and will become uncomfortable. Flipping it over will help maintain its shape and distribute the wear and tear more evenly.  At Slumberworld Warrnambool you won’t find a one sided pillow top mattress.

Custom Mattresses for Homes, Caravan and Trucks

We can make all our mattresses to fit any space, from standard sizes for your home to any custom size to fit your caravan, camper, truck, boat…anywhere you need a mattress.   We can do curved or straight corners, custom shapes to fit around wheel arches or cabinetry, bolsters, cot mattresses, you name it.  Replace that cheap foam mattress or perhaps you’ve just purchased a pre-owned caravan and would like your own new mattress?

Our mattresses all come with a 2 year, 5 year or 10 year warranty.  And yes, we honour our warranties because we value our customers and our reputation.

Typically, our 2 year mattresses are great for kids beds and spare beds.  They feature quality Dunlop foams for comfort and are a great budget friendly choice for a quality double sided mattress. Our 2 year mattresses include the CHIROREST, ORTHOREST and ORTHOPOSTURE.

Our 5 year warranty mattresses have side supports and increased amounts of Dunlop foams on both sides, ideal for everyday use, and particularly ideal for caravans and trucks.  Our 5 year range includes the PHYSIOREST, PHYSIO GOLD, EXQUISITE and WINDSOR.

Our mattresses that come with a 10 year warranty comprise our premium range of mattresses.  Constructed with extra side supports all around the mattress so you can comfortably sleep right to the edge of the mattress without feeling like rolling out or mattress sag.

The DELUXE range has 3 levels of support; Soft, Comfort and Medium. Constructed with 60mm layers of quality Dunlop foam on both sides and covered in DELUXE Viscous fabric for comfort and durability.

Our SUPREME Range in Soft, Medium or Firm feel features premium Wool fabric for natural warmth and heat distribution, covering over 80mm of Dunlop foam on both sides, this is our most popular range of mattresses for luxury feel, comfort and support.

Our PLATINUM range includes either a soft feel or medium feel mattress. Using a 40mm layer of either soft or medium density memory foam in its construction, the PLATINUM has a cloud soft initial feel but delivers ultimate support which conforms to the shape of your body. A PLATINUM mattress is like sleeping on a cloud, complimented by a natural Bamboo fabric cover for breathability and night-long sleeping comfort.

Our INDULGENCE mattresses feature either soft or medium density latex over layers of Dunlop foam and the Bonnell spring.  Latex mattresses can be hot and heavy, however our Latex/Spring combination delivers the comfort and natural qualities of latex, but still allows for airflow through the spring system to minimise the body overheating.

Finally, our unique GRANITE mattress is just what the name suggests, the firmest mattress we make.  Firm layers of Dunlop foam covered with a tight weave fabric is the answer for those who prefer a true firm feel mattress.

At Slumberworld Warrnambool, we are also known for making ½ and ½ mattresses.  We can make one side of a mattress soft, and the other half medium or firm.  We can fully customise every mattress to create the perfect mattress for you and your partner, no compromising necessary.

If you are a particularly hot sleeper, we can also offer the use of a heat regulating fabric called SENSCISE in the construction of your mattress.  This fabric has been designed specifically to have a cool feel and minimise your body overheating, allowing you to sleep more soundly and comfortably all night.

Visit us at 115 Henna St Warrnambool and we will inform and guide you to find your perfect mattress. All our mattresses are available for you to try, we won’t rush you as it important to find the mattress that is just right for your comfort, and budget.  As we make every mattress we sell, we can offer finest quality mattresses to all customers at wholesale prices, no middle man.

We’ll make it, and deliver it free of charge locally, all within 24 hours.  If you are holidaying in Warrnambool, we will come to your caravan park, measure up and deliver your new mattress without you having to pack up and bring your van to us.

Contact us if you are out of town and we can discuss your needs and work out a solution so we can make and deliver wherever you are!

Click on link to view pricelists for our Standard sized mattresses.  Call or email to discuss and get a quote for custom sized mattresses for caravans and trucks.

Bedroom Furniture and Bedding Essentials

We stock a range of pillows and mattress protectors to compliment your new mattress purchase.

A quality pillow that is the right softness and height is just as important as the mattress you sleep on.  We stock a range of latex, memory foam and microfibre pillows by Bianca and Flexipillow, including standard, low and contour pillows. You can try out the range of pillows to find the right one for you.

Is your current mattress just a bit too firm? A Flexi-topper could be a simple solution. A Flexi-topper is made from gel-infused memory foam to ensure comfort and softness where you need it, and the gel helps regulate body temperature.  It simply lays on top of your existing mattress, a great option for those firm caravan mattresses.

We also provide furniture solutions to complete your whole bedroom. When it comes to a wide variety of beds, bedside tables, tall boys and entire bedroom suites, look no further than our showroom.  We support Australian made manufacturers who use Australian hardwood timbers.  We have a range that suits most budgets and styles.

If we don’t have it in our showroom, we can source it from one of our many suppliers and order it in. Call in and discuss your mattress and bedroom furniture needs, style and budget to create your perfect bedroom you’ll love to escape to every single night.

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We make every mattress we sell and offer a range to fit every budget & comfort level.

Standard sizes & made to measure for homes, caravans & trucks, made on site in the same day with free local delivery.

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We make every mattress we sell. Custom made quality innerspring mattresses for homes, caravans and trucks.