Perhaps you prefer a mattress soft as a cloud, but your partner prefers the support of a firm mattress? Not a problem, Slumberworld can create different levels of comfort on each side of the mattress so no compromising is necessary. You’ll always sleep easy on a Slumberworld quality mattress.

Slumberworld’s mattresses can be found in all parts of Australia – from homes to boats and caravans, and even motels. People love our mattresses because our manufacturing process is focused on the end user – you!

No need to compromise on comfort, we make to measure our mattresses to your individualised level of comfort in all shapes and sizes.  We can often make a mattress in 24 hours, so no waiting weeks or months to get a good night’s sleep.  We use the finest quality Australian made materials and because we are an independent operator, we can offer every customer wholesale prices.

We’ve developed our own unique range of over 15 different mattress types to suit everybody’s needs, but we also design and manufacture custom mattresses for individual requirements, such as caravans, boats and trailers. We believe that you shouldn’t need to sacrifice comfort just because you’re away from home!

Our reputation for quality products is built on the principle of getting it right. We don’t believe in cutting corners, and our expertise goes into every single mattress we make.  We pride ourselves on our quality and back each mattresses we make with a warranty to ensure our customers piece of mind.

Most of our mattresses use the bonnel spring, which we prefer due to its durability and support, however we can also use firmer springs for customers who like a different feel to their mattress. Our mattresses also utilise side/edge supports to enable ‘right to the edge sleeping’.

We use Australian made Dunlop foam for all of our mattresses, because we trust its quality and durability. While the amount and application will vary, all of our mattresses are double-sided (have the same amount of foam on both sides, except for our quality latex range). This allows for regular turning and a longer-lasting product that won’t let you down.

We also specialise in making custom mattresses for camper trailers, caravans and even boats. No matter your size and shape requirements, we can craft a solution to give you a good night’s sleep regardless of where you are!

Caravan / Trailers

Caravan, trailer & motor home innerspring mattresses are our speciality. Nothing ruins a holiday more than the absence of a good nights sleep. We can turn your trip into a REAL holiday by replacing your uncomfortable foam mattress with an innerspring mattress to any level you require.

*We offer mattresses at all standard sizes -

* 6'8 x 5', 6'2 x 4'6. 6'2 x 4', 6'2 x 3', 6'2 x 2'6,  6'2 x 2'3.

* We custom make to sizes which differ from above.

* We cut corners off.

* We custom shape mattresses (within innserspring restrictions)

* We offer 4' springs & one sided mattresses where height is an issue.

* In many cases we can OFFER SAME DAY TURNAROUND.

When measuring to determine the size of the mattress required, it's important to measure the base area available & not the existing foam mattress. Allow for the fact that an innerspring mattress needs a little more room to allow for tucking in because of the heavy rail around its edge. Be wary that the height can also be a potential issue with bulkheads & protruding bench tops coming into play with a deeper mattress.


Truck Mattresses have also grown in demand. It amazes us that after spending $400,000 plus on your rig, you're expected to sleep on a piece of polystyrene or a skimpy foam mattress. Protect your investment & safety of your driver by fitting a custom made innerspring mattress, thereby ensuring that each sleep is restful & the driver awakes in the best possible condition to continue the journey.

We have a huge range of mattresses which can all be made for your truck. From a budget mattress to the height of luxury we can make it for you.


Although all our mattresses are suitable, we do make a commerical mattress called "hotel-motel". This has proven to be most suitable for a variety of accommodation venues over the state.

This range can be made from a fire retardant fabric if required. We can also make mattresses that can be zippered together to make double, queen or king size beds.


Never pay retail! As we are an independent mattress manufacturer, and we make our mattresses right here in Warrnambool, we can sell direct to you at wholesale prices. No middle man or franchise costs to inflate the prices, you never have to pay retail prices for the highest quality mattresses again.

Buying a mattress is a decision that you should think about carefully. Since most people replace their mattress every seven to ten years, you'll have to live with your decision for a long time. For most people, comfort is the most important factor with support and durability close behind. When it comes to comfort, there is no right and wrong. Only what's right for you. It's worth the time and effort to find out which SLUMBERWORLD mattress will best suit your needs. Our mattresses have a well deserved reputation for quality & affordability.


Our LATEX range consists of a medium feel & soft feel mattress. Both have 8" cores of solid, natural latex.

Their key selling points are -

* Non allergenic & anti bacterial properties

* Comfort in their capacity to reduce pressure points

* Minimal partner disturbance

* Longevity - a realistic life span of up to 20 years

Having trouble sleeping? Or simply wanting to upgrade your mattress? With our wealth of experience and the large range of bedding options available, we have a solution for you!


Slumberworld Warrnambool are your number one choice for all of your mattress and bedding needs.